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The Fun to Move@JC Project launches the all-new pioneering online physical activity class for free, to support parents and students staying active at home.

The 30-minute live lesson introduces fun activities and games that are easy to follow, help improve physical fitness, and more importantly get the whole family moving together!

Class Arrangement

The 30-minute session (student class / family class) will be conducted using “Zoom”#

All classes will be conducted in Cantonese

# Successful registrants will receive a specific link sent by the project to login and join the online class. They can use “Zoom” on desktop computers, tablets or smart phones.

Class Enrolment

Eligibility: Each student participating in the Fun to Move@JC project can register one student class and one family class per week.

Quota: Up to 40 students (student class) or 40 families (family class) per session.

Two times no-shows over a consecutive 7-day period without special reasons will result in suspension of class booking in the following week.

Register for Classes

• Parents can click the following link to book a class:

• Participants who successfully register the class will immediately receive a confirmation email from the project, including the respective link for joining the class;

• The project reserves the right to cancel any classes if there are insufficient numbers of participants

Points to Note:

  • Parents should be aware of any unusual symptoms that may prevent you or your kids from taking part in physical activity, especially those with chronic conditions e.g. heart disease, diabetes, asthma or back or joint pain etc;
  • To make sure that you can exercise indoors safely, e.g. adequate space; smooth, dry floor; good ventilation and no sharp or bulky objects nearby;
  • Wear proper clothing and footwear during exercise;
  • If feeling unwell during or after the activity session, participants should stop exercising immediately and take a rest;
  • Drink water after exercisefor replenishment.


 *Updated every Tuesday

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (Tel: 3943-3126; WhatsApp: 9823-2099).


Participation in the Fun to Mov@JC Online Physical Activity Class is voluntary and at the own risk of participants. Each participant agrees to absolve the Organizer, and any supporting organizations from any and all claims or liabilities arising from bodily injuries, accidents, death or other losses during in the event or whatsoever reason. Participants may purchase relevant insurance to suit their personal needs.