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Caption 1: PE Assessment & Accreditation Days
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Caption 2: PE Assessment & Accreditation Days
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Caption 3: PE Assessment & Accreditation Days
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Fun to Move@JC is committed to promote quality physical education (QPE). We place great emphasis on assessment as an integral part of the learning, teaching and assessment cycle. In November and December 2019, we conducted three "PE Assessment & Accreditation Days" to enhance teachers’ knowledge, understanding, and skills in PE assessments. In total, 78 teachers from 26 project schools participated in the accreditation activities and fulfilled the professional standards of using internationally recognized assessment methods to make well-founded judgments on students’ performance in fundamental movement skills and health-related fitness. Positive post-event responses were received from participating teachers. Teachers enjoyed the non-threatening test atmosphere that was optimal to familiarize themselves with the assessment methods, guidelines and criteria. The accreditation activities helped increase teachers’ knowledge and skills, thereby enabling objective and formative assessments to be conducted in PE classrooms for improving student learning and teaching effectiveness.

Dates / Venues:

1) 1 November at CUHK;

2) 6 December at TWGHs Yiu Dak Chi Memorial Primary School; and

3) 20 December at TWGHs Ma Kam Chan Memorial Primary School