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During school closures amid coronavirus outbreak, Fun to Move@JC remained in close contact with teachers from Project schools. We conducted 4 focus group sharing sessions via ZOOM with 40 PE teachers from 29 schools between 4 and 6 March, 2020. The 1-hour focus groups gave PE teachers an opportunity to express their views and experiences on the implementation of school-wide PA policy. They were guided to reflect on initiatives aimed at fostering active school environments based on the 5 main areas of “Fun to Move Index”, namely

1) “Fun to Move” Sporting Culture;

2) School-based PE Policy;

3) Quality Physical Education;

4) Parent/Family Engagement; and

5) Staff Involvement.

The sharing sessions were fruitful, in which the facilitators and barriers of school participation in the Project were explored and identified. The findings will enable more effective strategies to be conducted in Project schools to support teachers and meet school-based needs.