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Date: 2020-05-12
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We maintained close communication with school principals and parents during school closure. Meetings with school principals were conducted via video conferencing on 12 May 2020. Latest activity plan responding to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic was discussed. The school heads welcomed the new initiative of Fun to Move@JC online physical activity class, they agreed that the classes would encourage students to do exercise at home. As schools should get well-prepared for school resumption in June, project activities would be implemented in a flexible manner based on the preference and the needs of the schools. Feedback from parents offers valuable insight into the design of programme activities. 18 parents from 8 schools were invited for focus group interviews using “ZOOM” in April 2020. The parents shared their experience in participating in the programme, as well as their thoughts on parental roles and physical activities.

Date: 12 May, 2020