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Date: 2020-05-22
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Teacher professional development initiatives under the Fun to Move@JC project have not come to a halt despite of lengthy school suspension due to the coronavirus outbreak. While PE (Physical Education) instruction is greatly affected, our team has shifted our focus to materials and methods even applicable in virtual settings. An online teacher workshop via ZOOM was conducted on 22 May 2020. The workshop was led by Professor Ha, covering four core topics:

1) PE class arrangement (Guidelines under the COVID-19);

2) Promotion of Project’s real-time online PE classes;

3) Project e-learning materials; and

4) Preview of next year's workshop: Inclusive Physical Education. A total of 78 PE teachers from 26 project schools attended the workshop. The supplementary learning materials were well-received by the teachers. They also showed enthusiasm in using these resources to enrich their school-based PE curriculum.

Date: 22 May, 2020