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Date: 2020-09-29
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This online workshop aimed to encourage and increase teachers’ use of information technology in PE teaching and assessment. To encourage and support teachers’ usage of the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Rater developed by the project, we showed teachers results of the assessment of selected motor skills. These preliminary findings are useful to guide teacher feedback and instruction to improve student FMS learning. PE teachers from two project schools were also invited to showcase their good practices of online and hybrid/blended PE lessons in the “new normal period”. They shared how different teaching formats and strategies are at work to cater for students' learning diversity. Approaching the end of the workshop, over 130 PE teachers gathered for a 20-minute online taster session led by the project coach. The design of an interactive virtual learning environment to increase student engagement was demonstrated. In the post-event survey, teachers reported that they enjoyed the knowledge sharing and fruitful activities, and the workshop did meet their expectations at all.

Date: 29 September, 2020