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Date: 2020-11-20
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The Fun to Move@JC Interschool 10 Million Steps Challenge, an online interschool event, will be held on 20 November 2020 (Friday). Students from 35 participating schools are invited to accomplish 10 million step goals collectively by taking part in a virtual walking tour around Hong Kong from 8am to 8:30am.

The virtual journey, which will be approximately 15 minutes long, will bring students to different destinations while physically staying within school premises. They will wear the Fun to Move@JC Sport Band and follow video instructions to perform a series of fun and simple exercises during the tour. All teachers and school staff are also welcomed to join.

The event not only aims to generate step counts totalling up to 10 million, but also enable people exercise together with the use of technology. We hope everyone would stay physically active and wear the Sport Band every day!

Date:   20 November 2020 (Friday)
Time:   8:00am - 8:30am 
Points to note:   Participants should wear the Sport Band and put on comfortable sportswear 


*School officials should refer to the "Guidelines on Conducting Physical Activities for the Prevention of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)" issued by the Education Bureau before joining the event


Date: 20 November, 2020