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Date: 2022-03-24
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The "Mini Coach” programme was conducted online during the special holidays from March to April. Through interactive online learning, the 4-week programme comprised of a series of activities designed to nurture students’ generic skills, positive values, and attitudes, and prepare them for a physically literate life. A diverse range of missions, challenges, practices, and evaluations related to sport, exercise, and physical activity will allow students to experience a fulfilling and enjoyable vacation!

Over 160 students participated in the 4-hour online course. Participants took part in “Fitness Dice” training, fundamental movement skills challenge, and advanced ‘’Fun Dance’’ under the guidance of professional coaches. In addition, participants completed a 4-hour learning experience outside the classroom, which included watching self-learning videos, practicing fundamental movement skills and fun dance. Students who completed the programme were formally awarded the "Mini Coach" title!

Date: 23 March, 2022