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Date: 2022-04-23
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With Hong Kong facing the outbreak of the fifth wave of the epidemic, the original summer vocation of schools was brought forward to March / April in the current school year. To help students stay motivated and keep up with the learning momentum, The Fun to Move@JC project collaborated with the 'CoolThink@JC' Project to launch the 'CoolFun Times' programme (「動腦動身Zoom一鬆」) from 7 March to 22 April 2022.

This 7-week programme was designed and led by professional educators and coaches of the two HKJC Trust-initiated projects. The workshops combined computation thinking (30mins) and physical activities (30mins), allowing students to develop digital creativity and maintain good health at home by doing exercises in this unprecedented break. Adaptations were made for activity classes targeted at students of different grades. For example, basic practices of FMS and body coordination were introduced to Primary 1-3 students while classes for Primary 4-6 students focused more on object control skills with the use of common household items. The crossover collaboration was successful, receiving an overwhelming response with 17,344 registrants from over 300 primary schools in Hong Kong.

Date: 22 April, 2022