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Date: 2022-11-26
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Fun to Move@JC “10-Million Steps Challenge” was successfully held on 25 Nov 2022. Some new schools are joining this year, a total of 25 schools participated in the event. As of 12 Dec, 12,500 teaching staff and students combined to accumulate approximately 2.47 million steps for this iteration of the event! On the event day, students from 10 schools joined from the school hall or their own classrooms by following our live broadcast on Zoom or YouTube. The other 15 schools completed the virtual at their own schedule during the event period.

The cumulative number of steps has reached 9.29 million steps! Only one step away from the 10-million-steps challenge. Thank you for your active participation! This is extremely encouraging. We hope that even more students and teachers will join this exciting journey in the future.

Date: 25 November, 2022