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Date: 2023-01-15
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The Fun to Move@JC Interschool Family Fun Day (Online) held on 14 January 2023 was open to families from non-project schools for the first time. On the event day, the participants were guided by the coaches to try out different types of newly emerged sports and learn the related object control skills such as passing and catching (Frisbee), striking (Pickleball and spikeball) etc. Parents were happy interacting with their children through the mini-games and fun challenges. They were also encouraged to participate in “I Can Do IT!” by taking short videos to showcase their child’s performance in selected fundamental movement skills. Everyone was looking forward to the lucky draw at the end of the Fun Day, in which 10 winners each received one foam frisbee designed by Fun to Move@JC. All participants enjoyed an active morning filled with joy and laughter!

Date: 14 January, 2023