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Student, parent, and family activity classes led by professional instructors will be provided to participants. Through gameplay using easy sports equipment provided to schools, these fun and engaging activity classes are designed to strengthen fitness, improve fundamental movement skills, and increase interest towards physical activity in participants. Family activity classes further provided an arena for parents and children to play together, which improves communication, strengthens mutual understanding and parent-child relationships.

The “Fun to Move@JC” Activity Classes are now open for application, primary schools in Hong Kong are welcome to join us in promoting active living and healthy lifestyle for children and their families.

Schools interested in organising the Activity Classes (free-or-charge) shall read the documents below and submit the completed application form by fax to 3749-5895. Applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Invitation letter and Application form (Chinese only)

The arrangement of the Activity Classes are as follows:



Primary 1 -6 students and their families


50 schools


September 2022 to July 2023

(each school can apply for a total of 20 activity hours)

Time and Duration:

Monday – Saturday; 30-minute session

No. of Participants:

Student Class: 25-35 students; Family Class (12-15 families)

Venue/ Format:

School venues e.g., classroom, activity room, hall, playground;

Face-to-face and/or online mode of teaching


Please call 3943-3011 if you have any enquiries regarding the application and the project.