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Sport Band and Big Data Analysis

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All participating students, parents, and school staff of the project will receive a Sport Band to record their physical activity behaviors. Designed and developed by the “Fun to Move@JC” project, the Sport Band includes functions such as step counting, time display and automatic data transfer. Users can easily view their activity data using the companion mobile or web applications. Time spent in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, active calories burned and individualized activity goals can be viewed through these applications.

Download the mobile app:

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 Frequently Asked Questions about the Sport Band

*Each user will be given a username and password 
*Support iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (requires iOS 8.0 or above), Android phones and tablets (requires Android 4.0 or above)


The Fun to Move@JC Award Scheme

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The Fun to Move@JC Award Scheme aims to encourage and promote wider participation and active lifestyle, with use of the Sport Band developed under the project.The reward programme is carried out through the Fun to Move@JC mobile app which is linked with the Sport Band. By reaching activity milestones and taking part in project activities, parents and students can earn electronic badges on the mobile app, as well as a small gift given out by the project. Get “Moving” on your Goals!

Get started by downloading the Fun to Move@JC mobile app NOW.


How to play

  • Parents and students shall complete the following goals respectively in order to earn badges on the app. There are three different levels for the badges, namely the “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze”;
    • Step counts
    • Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA)
    • Project participation level*
      *e.g. activity class (including the online class), Interschool Family Fun Day, parent talk etc.
  • The fitness goals are generated using big data analysis, taking into account the individual’s activity patterns;
  • Each time when a goal is completed, the app will automatically send a badge to the “Award Scheme” page;
  • Participants can unlock a series of hidden badges if they keep a habit of exercising regularly;
  • All collected badges can be accumulated.

Badge Level

You can earn badges of higher levels by reaching goals that are more difficult.

The fitness goals will be renewed every three months so you can keep challenging yourself. Meanwhile, project participation level will be measured by the number of times that you take part in the project activities throughout a year.

  Gold badge Silver badge Bronze badge

Personalised Step Goal

40 days within

3 months

Gold personalised step goal

20 days within

3 months

Silver personalised step goal

10 days within

3 months

Bronze personalised step goal

Daily 8,000 Step Goal

40 days within

3 months

Gold daily step

20 days within

3 months

Silver daily step

10 days within

3 months

Bronze daily step

Daily “60min-MVPA” Goal

40 days within

3 months


20 days within

3 months

Silver MVPA

10 days within

3 months

Bronze MVPA

Participation Level Goal

4 times a year

Gold project activities

3 times a year

Silver project activities

Once a year

Bronze project activities


Collect any 5 electronic badges at any time to get a sports hand retractable strap accessory for free!


Ultimate Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Certificate

Parents and students who have completed the quarterly Gold, Silver, and Bronze goals in an academic year, will be awarded with the ultimate Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award certificates according to the award criteria below.

Ultimate Gold Gold badge x6 or above

The 6 badges must include the followings:

v  Step counts

  v MVPA

v Project participation level

Ultimate Silver Silver badge x6 or above
Ultimate Bronze Bronze badge x6 or above