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PE teachers from project schools will be entitled to receive professional development training provided by the Project. Workshops, seminars, and experience sharing sessions on topics related to physical education teaching and pedagogy are designed to help teachers adopt a student-centered approach in their teaching. We also aim to enhance teachers knowledge and skills in planning and executing school physical education, thereby creating classes that are active and fun to students.

In recent years, physical literacy has become a central component in physical education. Given the school environment is almost the only opportunity for students to receive physical education, PE teachers are responsible for delivering fun and diverse learning experiences and movement-related knowledge to students during PE lessons, so that students become competent, confident and motivated to move. To do so, it is vital that teachers receive continuous professional training.

Objectives of professional teacher development:

  • Through effective and objective assessment, improve the quality of physical education;
  • Expand teachers’ knowledge and understanding on the concept physical literacy;
  • Strengthen teachers’ own knowledge and performance on fundamental movement skills;
  • Facilitate schools on building a healthy and active culture;
  • Using information technology to enhance teaching efficiency;
  • Share successful experiences and methods pertaining the design and implementation of school-based physical education curriculum; and
  • Provide an interactive platform for teachers to exchange effective teaching strategies and improve students’ learning